LEC Benefits to Participants

Benefits to Participants

LEC builds the capacity of CAC Leaders to provide dynamic purposeful leadership to their organizations, resulting in stronger, healthier, more effective partnerships. See participant comments below for how others have benefited from LEC.

  • Make better decisions with confidential input from a trusted, diverse and invested peer network.
    • “Absolutely I like having the LEC peer network. I never really felt isolated before, because I always had a really good support network with my board and team. But about really confidential things … LEC really helps with that! Our LEC group is so similar, working for the same mission and goal. The dance you do with all this relationship management…, we can relate on that level.”
    • “Our current (LEC) peer consulting group is very supportive. I would feel very comfortable being able to call anyone after LEC to ask for advice and resources. LEC has done excellent job of building those relationships gradually so that we feel comfortable together. This cohort meshed very well. I think people will feel comfortable calling me too. And I can take this peer consultation model into different venues.”
  • Enhance staff and organization effectiveness.
    • I was able to train my three managers in Appreciative Inquiry and we used an Appreciative performance appraisal to meet with staff and talk about where they see their accomplishments and what about the organization helped them do that. It was a very successful effort.”
    • “The Strength-finder approach was very helpful. I bought the book for all my staff, then we put together a matrix of who has what strengths and how to coach to their strengths. A really neat model.”
  • Apply insights with the help of focused, customized coaching.
    • “I love the coaching! At the end of each call, I feel good and can evaluate a new direction.”
    • “I look forward to the coaching call all week before it happens. For whatever reason, it is a time when I absolutely fundamentally reserve for myself – I never do that otherwise. I save the time to prepare, to reflect on some things. In the whirlwind chaos of this job, just being inspired to take this time is profound. …It’s good for me at a personal level… It has been quite a learning experience.”
  • Create balanced resilient work lives.
    • “We’ve talked a lot about self care, but I haven’t been able to implement, but at least I now feel guilty about not doing it. I know it would be good for me.…I have started to reshape how I think about this job.”

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