LEC Evaluation

Program Evaluation

In an evaluation of a recent LEC program, participants were full of praise… Every participant described multiple ways in which LEC changed his/her overall leadership of the organization, including…

  • Setting a clear direction for the CAC
  • Influencing stakeholders more effectively
  • Recognizing one’s own effectiveness
  • Slowing down to listen with the intention of helping others to feel heard
  • Keeping everyone focused in a positive way
  • Facilitating meetings more effectively
  • Developing the language to talk about difficult issues and manage conflict
  • Defining expectations more clearly; asking people to work to their best level

Every participant shared newly adopted strategies for building greater participation within their organization including…

  • Delegating and empowering others to solve problems
  • Pulling a wider team into the work of the organization
  • Developing tools to forge common ground towards new solutions

Participants noted differences in their appreciation and practice of work/life balance strategies, describing…

  • Better attention to their own health issues
  • Leaving work at a reasonable hour
  • Finding a better balance between work and other activities.

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