Frequently Asked Questions about LEC

  • What is the total time commitment?
    • Year One: 7.75 days
    • Year Two: 5 days
  • How much time is it per month?
    • Year One: 6 hours per month
    • Year Two: 4 hours per month
  • What commitments do I need to make, as an LEC participant?
    • Engage openly about the opportunities and challenges of their organizations.
    • Give and receive honest feedback.
    • Keep all discussions confidential.
    • Make a commitment to the process.
    • Remain open to learning different organization development approaches.
    • In year two of the LEC Project, commit to mentoring a new CAC leader.
  • Who facilitates LEC?
    • Martha Isobel Lask, MSOD, independent consultant since 1994, has over 25 years experience as a coach, consultant and manager in the public, private and nonprofit sectors. She brings special expertise in executive coaching and facilitating dialogue in a variety of group settings. Other projects: executive coaching for leaders of clinical development teams at Bristol Myer Squibb; establishment of statewide, cross agency partnerships for the National Rural Economic Development Institute.
    • Dr. M. Christine Kenty, PhD, LEC evaluator, is an independent professional researcher and consultant with years of experience in both qualitative and quantitative program evaluation methods and CACs.
  • When did LEC begin?
    • LEC was started in October of 2004.
  • What are the selection criteria?
    • Participants are accredited member directors or associate directors, coordinators or team leaders with 3 years experience at CAC programs that have a child-friendly CAC facility, a comprehensive multidisciplinary team response, conduct joint interviews and have staff assigned to the CAC. Invitations may be issued to individuals with other situations than those listed above.
    • Participants must have the organizational support of the CAC program and partner agencies to participate fully in the project.
    • Participants must agree to maintain the confidentiality of the other participants.
    • Participants must be committed to expanding their knowledge and growth.
  • What does it cost to participate in LEC?
    • Most costs associated with LEC are covered by NRCAC.

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