LEC Structure


LEC uses a powerful three-faceted approach to developing leadership capacity among CAC leaders.

1) Professionally Facilitated Peer Consultation

LEC provides leaders with a professionally structured opportunity to come together with their colleagues to form a collective and confidential think tank.  CAC leaders learn how to self manage and facilitate highly focused consulting forums. Professional monitoring ensures a confidential environment and effective structure; a rigorous discovery of organizational and individual patterns; topics that are current, relevant and innovative.

2) Organization Development Values and Practices

LEC provides cutting-edge information and skill development from the field of organization development. Knowledge of Organization Development offers the benefit of proven diverse approaches and strategies, deepens ability to manage while staying true to mission and vision, and expands dialogue with all stakeholders engaging them in energized, creative and collective thinking.

3) Individual Executive Coaching

LEC provides CAC leaders with skilled one-on-one coaching to focus and support individual learning, translate theory into practice, and effectively use tools to address important organizational goals. Individual coaching helps executives explore assumptions and patterns within their organization, analyze various strategies for effectiveness, and use insights from peer dialogues to benefit their organizations.

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