Leadership Exchange and Coaching Project

The Purpose and Mission of LEC

LEC builds the capacity of leaders in the CAC movement to provide dynamic, purposeful leadership to their organizations.  Leaders become more resilient through the use of organization development tools and peer and individual coaching. The LEC vision is to create strong, healthy, effective organizations and partnerships.
By taking the time for professional growth and development, CAC executives can advance the ultimate success of their organization’s mission.

LEC has two tracks, each designed for a particular population.

  • The main Leadership Exchange and Coaching project is for CAC Directors who have been in their positions for two to three years. (The Mentorship Program is not a prerequisite for participation in the main LEC project.)
  • The LEC Mentorship Program is for new directors just starting out. This program offers new directors an opportunity to be mentored by an experienced CAC Director who has participated in the main LEC Program. Graduates of the Mentorship program can later take part in the other component.

CAC directors can be extremely isolated in their roles. LEC creates a unique support network of colleagues and offers an exceptional growth opportunity.

  • Inspires CAC leaders to lead from a compassionate, strengths-based perspective
  • Creates peer networks in order to strengthen the collective CAC leadership and encourage continuous improvement in the CAC model
  • Teaches the best of organization theory to the benefit of their organizations
  • Equips participants to provide professionally supported mentoring to new CAC leaders

If you are a state Chapter Director and are interested in participating in one of NRCAC’s specialized Chapter Director groups please contact Greg Flett at greg@nrcac.org.

Don’t think you are eligible for LEC? Consider the Mentorship program.

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