Participant Comments

Participants’ Comments

“LEC has brought the whole issue of leadership to the forefront, and consciously makes you think about it. You have the ability to influence, to motivate others, to recognize what things do you do well and what can you improve on.”

“LEC teaches that it takes time to learn to be an effective leader. Leading my agency and my staff has to be built up over time; they have to see that I can lead them. I don’t want to be that person who demands immediate action all the time. I want to help and encourage staff to grow from their experience too.”

“Our LEC group is a good group; they are strong leaders. I look back at the experienced people in the group and they have the same issues (as I do), so I know it’s just a fact of the job. My focus has changed to slowing down and really looking one day at a time instead of trying to change the world overnight. It takes a lot of time to establish your leadership and change systems.”

“This (LEC) is a model that has been tremendously helpful knowing that my challenges as a new director are not just mine but shared. NCA should think about this process for all new directors. NCA or state chapters should offer a list of mentors for every new director, to have that kind of welcoming into the system. You need someone with skills to help you process, someone who understands the CAC model inside and out.”

“It’s (LEC) been very helpful and I don’t want it to end. It has been very valuable… We’re not just asked to present our issues, but how do we feel about it …to acknowledge our feelings, not just bury them, and how to get from point A to point B.”