The LEC Mentorship Program

Are you interested in working with an experienced CAC mentor? Are you interested in getting help and support from someone who has been in your shoes?

The Leadership Exchange and Coaching Project (LEC) is recruiting CAC directors/team coordinators who want to work with a seasoned CAC leader.

LEC mentors will be available for twelve months to assist newer CAC colleagues in navigating the complexities of the CAC director job.

Each mentoring pair will meet (or connect via phone) for an average of one hour per month.

Each pair will determine its own schedule.

Vision of LEC Mentorship Project

The Mentorship Project is an extension of LEC. The goal is to expand the capacity of CAC directors to provide dynamic organizational leadership. LEC mentorships will have support through the year from LEC facilitator, Martha I. Lask. The benefits are:

  • Newer CAC directors gain the guidance of an experienced, skilled and committed CAC leader.
  • Time with a mentor is time for professional growth and development.
  • LEC mentors help their mentees to build capacity to solve important issues critical to their CACs.
  • The Mentorship Program extends the network of collegiality throughout the CAC community.

Selection Criteria

  1. Participants are CAC directors/team coordinators with one to two years experience managing a developing, Associate or Accredited CAC program.
  2. Participants must commit to the mentoring relationship for twelve months.
  3. Participants agree to maintain the confidentiality of the other participants and the situations discussed on the mentoring calls.
  4. Interested applicants will complete the attached application and return to NRCAC. Potential matches will be discussed with the LEC mentor and mentee for “fit.”

For further information about the LEC Project, please contact Anne Lynn at 800-662-4124 or by email at

Mentorship Program FAQ’s…